📻 WLGBI Song Overlap Cleaner

Webapp for cleaning up song overlaps for WLGBI Radio Baha'i reports.

Drag and drop the TSV file below. An error will occur if the file is missing fields named "Start Time", "End Time", "Artist", and "Title".

Any songs that overlap with the following song by more than 30 seconds will have their end time reduced to only 10  seconds overlapping.

The program will take some time to run because it is limited to the browser's resources. It should be less than 3 minutes. Currently there is no progress indicator or spinner, so just assume it is working.

Upon completion you will be prompted with a download dialogue for the cleaned results TSV file and another TSV containing a list of errors that were cleaned.

The app parses the specific date format being used(mm-dd-yyyy hh:mm:ss), if that changes the app won't function.

Drag the file into this drop zone. 😁

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