Youth Institute Camps 2024

Southeast Jan 29, 2024

Meaningful opportunities are planned for youth in our region to gather to study, learn, build friendship and serve together at the series of Institute camps, listed below. The Regional Training Institute covers the majority of the cost of the camps. Each participant is asked to contribute a remaining fee of $25. Local Spiritual Assemblies are encouraged to assist those youth who are unable to cover this fee. Details of how to submit payment will be shared upon registration.


  • June 24-July 31 - Summer of Service
  • August 31-September 2 - Labor Day camp
  • November 29-December 1 - Thanksgiving Break camp
  • December 27-January 2nd - Christmas Break camp
Amid all we have described, the actions of the youth shine resplendent. Far from being mere passive absorbers of influence—whether the influence be benign or otherwise—they have proven themselves bold and discerning protagonists of the Plan. Where a community has seen them in this light and created conditions for their progress, the youth have more than justified the confidence shown in them. They are teaching the Faith to their friends and making service the foundation of more meaningful friendships. Frequently, such service takes the form of educating those younger than themselves—offering them not only moral and spiritual education, but often assistance with their schooling too. Charged with a sacred responsibility to strengthen the institute process, Bahá’í youth are fulfilling our cherished hopes. --Ridvan 2023

For more information, contact the Regional Training Institute at: