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Launch of new website for the Southeastern States

Letters from the Council May 2, 2023

Regional Bahá’í Council of the Southeastern States

Alabama · Georgia · Mississippi · South Carolina

May 1, 2023

To the Friends in the Southeastern Region

Dearly loved co-workers,

As we enter the second year of the Nine Year Plan, we look with anticipation to hearing the accounts of your ongoing endeavors in pursuit of the goals before us. We know that we all benefit when what is learned in one place is shared widely. Often those stories come from places across the world. And yet here in our own region we have many localities where friends are actively engaged in learning daily.

This inherent power possessed by the Cause of Bahá’u’lláh is visible even in the fledgling efforts of a Bahá’í community learning to serve humanity and promote the Word of God. And though the world society foreshadowed in His Revelation is of course far distant, communities that are earnestly learning to apply His teachings to their social reality abound. How immensely blessed are those souls who, alive to the greatness of this Day and the significance of their actions, strive for the emergence of a society shaped by the divine teachings.
-Universal House of Justice, 30 Dec 2021

In an effort to share learning across our region in a timely way, the Regional Baha'i Council is pleased to inform you of the launch of the new regional website: rbcse.org

It is our hope that the friends across the region, including in your community, will share what they are learning through experience and that we will be able to share these stories via the website. We would particularly be grateful to hear what you are learning about:

  • Inviting friends, neighbors and coworkers to pray together
  • Conversations that lead to invitations to participate in the institute process
  • Accompanying Book 1 study circle participants to start a devotional gathering
  • Conversations with parents that lead to the formation of new children's classes
  • How home visits have led to greater involvement of more individuals in the community-building process
  • How families and individual believers are working together as a nucleus that is always expanding to include others
  • How obstacles have been identified and overcome in any of the above mentioned areas of service

In addition to sharing learning, the website will be a source of information. Website users will be able to apply for clearance to serve with minors, download forms for registration of minors in core activities, read the national policy for the protection of minors, find contact information for regional institutions and agencies, and more.

Keeping the information on the website current will require a collaborative effort. We are looking for individuals who would offer their writing and editing talents to help with the evolving content of the website. If you would like to volunteer to be on a website team, please contact us at secretariat@rbcse.org

With loving regards,


rbcse.org · secretariat@rbcse.org · 470.991.9779

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