Two friends having a conversation. From one of the Worldwide conferences in Alabama.


Alabama Group of Adjoining Clusters:

  • Biloxi-Gulfport-Pascagoula (M1)
  • Birmingham Area (M2)
  • Butler-Houston (M1)
  • Etowah-Chambers (M1)
  • Lamar-Bibb (M1)
  • Lauderdale-Cullman (M1)
  • Lee-Bullock (M1)
  • Limestone-DeKalb (M2)
  • Montgomery Area (M1)
  • Washington-Baldwin (M1)

Arranging adjoining clusters into groups has assisted institutions and agencies serving at the regional or national level to systematize the flow of support to the clusters where the friends are striving to pass the second milestone, particularly where tens of clusters, or even a hundred or more, are involved…  May 3, 2018 International Teaching Centre to the Continental Counsellors